Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hello Everyone!

hello out there! i never thought that i would be one to do this- you know blog- but living away from friends and family i've decided to give it a go. plus, i NEVER get to talk on the phone now- as soon as i pick up the phone i hear "momma, who ya' talkin' to? momma, why did ya say ewwww?, momma, i wanna talk" i just can't stand it anymore! so here-- if you want to know what is going on with me, us, the kids-- here you go! one more reason too-- i never started those true blue "baby books" i would do them for a couple of months or try to do a years worth in a night and it never happen-- but i am good at taking pictures- i just made an entire book of pictures only for fisher's first year- but i thought that i would be able to keep track of the kids and the funny little things that they do through this- worth a try huh?

that being said- the kids are both asleep after a bit of a difficult day- since the week o' parties for fisher's first birthday and the massive amount of cake that they have been eating-- they just need to crash! and stay there for a good 24 hours. so- i need to catch up on emails, phone calls, laundry, and tv shows- but all i really want to do is take a nap. sad huh?

i don't really know what to talk about on this- but for those checking in on us--- we have been so busy since kelsey's wedding plans got into full swing- (it's all over now) but whew- what a crazy (but fun) time- we were in roanoke bunches (which is nice for me) and i love getting to see my mom and dad play with the kids- and being with my sister is always a blast! i got to see lots of family through the months of may, june, and july- kels had two showers, jarron graduated from high school, and then the wedding- plus factor in a beach trip, 4th of july, and fisher's first birthday and it was so busy of a time- but what do we do now with a lul in activity???? create more! we have some new neighbors from CANADA-- now i know that isn't very far away-- but baby, we've gone international! haha- they are really fun- they have a little girl that is 51/2 months- so here soon fisher won't have to always play with ella and aly grace!

we have been really lucky since we've moved to tennessee (2 1/2 years ago) we have made lots and lots of new friends, and chris and i have been able to reestablish some from high school (for him) and some from college and working down here (for me)... we were able to invite tons of people to fisher's first birthday and that was great for us! we were really proud of the tree of friends that we have created! (not having family super close is hard)

i have been staying home since i had ella-- chris is wonderful about supporting me and our family for me to stay home. i think that for us it's the best decision that we could have made. i want to go back to work once fisher is in preschool- so-- it gives me some time to really have fun with the kids! i have been working some- i have been auditing pharmaceutical companies since we lived in kentucky- but i don't have a 9-5.

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