Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Clean room time

Chris was an AMAZING husband this past weekend-- he willingly took our sweet little angels to his parents on Saturday morning so that I could clean, attend a baby shower, and have a stress free bunko night with some very special ladies. All, without worrying about kids, naptimes, dinners, bath time, bed time, etc. I couldn't have needed a day break more!

So, while he was gone- I cleaned some of the house-- not all (laundry is still a work in progress) but I took a picture to send to Chris to prove that I was being produtive (and not sleeping my day away) and as I looked at this picture I realized how sweet and cute my little Fisher's room is! I love his room. It took us a while to realize what we wanted to do with his room, and even after 2+ years- I haven't changed much about it- and I am a serial re-arranger!

I just wanted to share a bit of our little house of love and remember how calm his room always looks. If ever I need a little piece of serenity- I always go to Fisher's room and take a seat and breathe.

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