Monday, January 25, 2010

roanoke trip

ella with coal the puppy-- jaime let us "puppysit" for a while-- which trilled ella to no end! we have recently found two different puppies that we have found new homes for-- we don't need 3 dogs! so, getting to puppysit for a while was all we needed to remind us that puppies are cutest when they go home to someone else!

ella and jarron's lovers spat. i know that ella adores jarron-- and jarron knows the exact buttons to push-- super cute! she was sooo mad at him! and i have no idea why!

gracie and coal playing-- big momma needs a puppy to play with!

fisher and jase-- how stinkin' cute! they would be soooo much trouble if we lived closer to them!

make-up-- nuff said!

the trip started out pretty slow. i had been sick all monday morning with a stomach bug-- praying that the kids didn't get it, and chris was already gone to new orleans for a business trip-- i had to get out of my house, i was sick, exhausted, tired, blahhhhh! so going on with my plans to roanoke was the only option!

me, kelsey, and sister in law denise- but denise has been around us forEVER! so, she might as well be a sister too! we took the kids, mom and jarron to carvins cove (roanoke's resevoir) for a picnic in january-- it was FREEZING! but the kids and mom seemed to really enjoy themselves. there aren't tons of opportunities that the four kids and mom all get together. so this trip was too perfect for getting them all together!

the kids all ADORE mom and jarron- i love that our kids have a great "fun" uncle. the uncle that is for playing ONLY! and jarron fits the bill perfectly! jarron does an amazing job teasing them, pestering them, and loving them... thanks for being so amazing to our kids!

i took the kids to roanoke last week for a visit with mom and dad- jarron's last couple of days before he went back to california and kelsey was meeting us there of course. it's easier to plan visits when we can meet at the same time- instead of her driving 5 1/2 hours to me, or me to her.

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