Monday, June 22, 2009

where have i been?

i cannot believe that it has been sooo long since i posted! again! sorry to mike and charligne!

okay... so here is what is going on!

i have been helping out our neighbors (jess and jason) by keeping their kids a couple times a week. i've only done it four times now... but they are doing great! ella loves having molly girl here... ALL DAY! it's like a daytime slumber party!

and payton who is 6 has entertained fisher more than i ever thought possible!

i'm not going to lie to ya... it's hard work having 4 kids under my care... but, they are all really doing well! i made a mini water park one of the days that they were here... it was crazy, hot, fun, and a lot of wet kiddie! they all seemed to really enjoy it, pizza was ordered after and i needed a big ol' glass of wine--

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