Friday, June 5, 2009

the start of something special

cornhole... it is not what exactly what you think of when you hear the name...

it sounds gross and horrible... but, it's not.

it is the obsession sweeping the southeast. and our neighborhood.

chris got cornhole boards for christmas in 2007... he had played with some of his friends before requesting some of his own. in march 2008 he and our neighbors started playing every single weekend. it became an obsession...

now, it's a gang.

our new neighbors next door (just renters until their house is finished being built) are also cornhole players. back in late april they came over for a dark party. we all got along really well and they are great people. and the husband is a sh*t talker just like chris and our neighbor jason. our new neighbor husband (jeff) and his brother in law belong to the Boone Lake Mafia (BLM) it sounds like a fraterity for lake goers... they wear t-shirts and hats, have stickers on their cars supporting the BLM. well, last thursday jason (who works night shift) took the night off to start the weekend cornhole throwing early. the rivalry began. we live in the subdivision Crystal Springs... so, now jason and my husband are the founding members of the Crystal Springs Mafia (CSM)

chris and jason started their sh*t talking with the BLM and the rivalry formed and the obnoxioushness as well. chris and jason needed tshirts made... fast. so, being the handygirlywhirly that i am, i got to it. jason is an overhand thrower, so his shirt reads "death from above" and chris' says " king cornholio"

jeff put a sign in his front yard saturday morning stating "tonight, the professional BLM -vs- the ameature CSM" chris later went and spray painted over it CSM 4 Life-

it's obnoxious, hilarious, and ridiculus.

as for the game... the CSM won... they have not yet released their summer schedule... but for those wanting to attend-- i will post about where to purchase tickets in advance.

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lacey said...

we so need another trip to crystal springs! you guys are so funny!