Friday, February 20, 2009


i hate the "UGLY SEASON" it puts me in a funk. and i am in a bad funk. i'm still happy, hanging out with the husband, playing with the kids, i am not curled up in bed, whiny, and complaining (most of the time) but i am in a FUNK!

i feel bad for those that have to endure "true" winters. i don't like winter, i don't like cold. i would rather be nasty, sweaty, stinky, hot, but outside!

since the kiddies are trapped in the house, we have watched lots of tv, had several dance offs, played endless hide-and-go-seek.

i am ready for the days of cooking out, playing in the backyard, jumping on my trampoline, sunshine and some good ol' VITAMIN D! come on old man winter, go back to where you came from! (canada i think- hahahaha) and give me humidity, bugs, ants, sunscreen, good naps, fresh watermelon, and sweat! i am READY!

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