Monday, February 23, 2009


ma and pa with their collection of kids and grandkids!

the girls

we had such a big day on saturday, it was FULL of chris' side of the family!

we haven't see phil, charise, carla and andrew since we were in michigan last march! it was a big deal!

so, we all were there, 14 total, ma, pa, mike, andrea, laura, elaina, phil, charise, carla, andrew, chris, me, ella, and fisher! ALL! with the exception of bubba and gracie- (carla is scared of dogs... and well, bubba is a BIG dog and, well, gracie is just a dog- so they took the day off and slept at home)

it was a beautiful day- we got to have a FANTASTIC LUNCH (meatloaf- my fav!) and then went a played outside after the boys took their naps.

worm hunting... ella wasn't a huge fan, but she did touch it! along with fisher and elaina- who said girls couldn't be tough?

pa had some walnuts to plant (yup, you read that right) and so, three shovels, three sons, and lot's o' grandchildren went to plant them. it was so nice out! made me crave spring time even more! anyway, the kids were great-- seeing those four girls together was cracking us all up! what little personalities they have!

pa and fisher taking a break. this is one of my favorite pictures of the entire day!

fisher stayed out the longest... he was quite the helper! he carried around either the shovel or bucket o' walnuts the entire time he was outside-

now, fisher is usually too much for me to handle... but outside-- he is a DREAM! not once did i have to correct him, tell him to come closer, or anything- he was happy to just be! i cannot wait for FISHER OUTSIDE! it was so wonderful. the boys were hilarious in their own right as well. this is really the first time (they are 18 & 19months old) that they have been at ma and pa's together. they pushed each other down, ran around with each other, and really seemed to enjoy the "male company"

it looks like fisher is saying "what... what man!"

charise and andrew

so, it was great times, really one of the BEST times that i think we've had together. this family is really coming together with all these kids running around! i loved every second of it!

the girls

me with laura and andrea- laura is such an amazing girl! and a REAL cheerleader! ella was so impressed!


A Balancing Act in Heels said...

Your family is so adorable!!

Melanie said...

I'm glad to hear that you had fun with...everyone :-)