Monday, January 5, 2009

it's starting!

our biggest loser started today- i am doing this with a couple of girlfriends and my sister... we haven't decided on what the winner wins... but that will all be worked out later!

so, i should have ran this morning, but it was pouring at 6:30am-- so, i curled back up and snuggled down deep in my blankets and slept-- till 7 (should have ran in the rain)

but, eating well was pretty easy-- (i'm budgeting money for the, and planning our weekly menu)

i read somewhere that living healthy is 80% diet 20% exercise- - i don't know if this is correct-- but i will go with it for now-

so, i ate less at each meal (not true healthy food) but i would rather eat what i want to eat and just eat less of it-

i did 40 minutes of elliptical tonight while dealing with some family issues-- made me work out some extra anxiety--

the kids have responded well to sticking around the house more-- they seem much more relaxed and ella did really well at ballet-

fisher got his stiches out and needs a little more attention with some suped-up antibiotic ointment- but all that will be just fine as well--

all in all- i am pumped to have some others working on getting the extra weight off- it's great to have some extra support-- good luck ladies!

have a great day!


Catholic Runner said...

Good luck with your challenge. I heard that about the food being 80%too. I think it may be true because that's the part I seem to have probelms with =)

Melanie said...

I hope that you reach your goals, too. I'm glad that we have this little accountability group...maybe I'll actually meet my goal for the first time...EVER! See you tomorrow...