Sunday, January 4, 2009

are you ready to rock?

it's back!

ROCK OF LOVE- tour bus

i am so excited- total trash tv- cannot wait!

have a great week!

tune in vh1- sundays at 9:00pm

love it!

edited-- after i watched this show-- i seriously felt dirty! it was a little much, even for me! i mean really????? but, still quality trash! need a little boost? watch a little bret michaels!-- also, this means that the Soup on E! will also be sooooooo funny! (friday nights at 10-- for those that don't know)


lacey said...

girl i am watching! 1 show was filmed in birmingham!
rock on

Kelsey said...

all i keep thinking when i watch that show is....but its bret michaels, have they not looked at him?! i mean seriously.