Tuesday, December 2, 2008

when it rains... it pours!

we are having a little bit of house meltdown all of the sudden... i know the saying when it rains it pours... but i just don't want it right now!

as of this morning...
the dishwashing isn't draining
the garage door isn't shutting

uh again i will say WHAT???? REALLY????

chris is on the verge of a homeowners meltdown while i just keep following him around saying "let's just fix one thing at a time" and "we are going to make it through this too"

all the while last night i have one major meltdown because i am tired of following him and the kiddies around cleaning up their mess--- go figure! all the while he's saying "just quit being soooo mad... really kara it just isn't that big of a deal!" so my response "whatever"

the dishwasher we believe (after me looking around on the interet) is fixed after we cleaned a drain hose (yup... i know what that is and how to unhook it and clean it now) and we just need a new clamp to secure it back to the garbage disposal.

now... the garage- we will see- it's manually shut and locked as we speak- but model numbers and product codes are needed before i can find a users manual online.


we also find out in the morning if chris is one of the "displaced" reps- so keep us in your thoughts and prayers please!

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Melanie said...

I wish I could give you an umbrella for all that rain! Life continues to be interesting, huh? I'm glad to hear ALL of your news this morning, though. I hope the kids did well for you during your errands and they take a nice long nap this afternoon...