Sunday, November 30, 2008

i came home to what????

we arrived home last night, i got home first (before chris) with the kids and jenn, amy, and emmie- it was a bit of a crazy ride home... thanks emmie (she screamed most of the way home) and then we picked up dinner. we (amy, jenn, and i) were planning on feeding kids and doing baths, then it was going to be a couple of well WELL deserved martini's-- key lime to be exact.

then i hear jenn say "uh kara... your bath mat is soaking wet-- is that normal???" what? what did you say? the what is wet? as this is happening amy is attempting to work my can opener for the martini's and it isn't working correctly and giving us quite a difficult time...

so i go to the bathroom and low and behold the toilet is full of water and the mat in front is soaked-- (chris is two hours away enjoying- in the rain/cold- tennessee's last football game of the season) so i flush the toilet thinking that is the right thing to do- and i scream- oh my, oh my, oh whoa, oh- what? are you kidding me? is this really happening? as my toes, floor, bath mats, are full of the water cascading over my toilet-- but... it's all traveling through my floor (via a crack in the tubs grout) to the garage and it's filling up the jet ski that is in the garage... WHAT?

yup... after about twelve towels, several angry phone calls to my husband, and three screaming children (b/c i don't deal with this kind of stuff) i call my dear neighbors husband who comes to my rescue! he finds the plunger, turns off the valve and fixes my nightmare. apparently is wasn't so bad- i mean it didn't go down my halls, into my bedrooms, and through walls and into closets... it just went through the floor onto a pipe and into a jet ski (and it's made for water!) this morning during the clean up chris was a little upset- the cleanup was tedious, but thankfully nothing was damaged (beyond a little repair) and we are all okay.

ella is scared to use that toliet now.

but, kids in beds, and martini's made- it turned out okay- we talked and hung out in the downstairs... a couple more neighbors came over and we had a great relaxing evening.

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