Tuesday, November 4, 2008

ella's third birthday

i don't know where to start when it comes to my ella- i have had a really hard time with her turning three- i've cried about it for the past couple of weeks at random times- mostly when i have a second to actually watch her- she is so independent and smart- i think that she is beautiful and funny- i am so proud of the little girly girl that she is turning into- i think that she is one of the best friends that i will ever have-

we have our differences- (daily) and i love her through each one of them- (mostly because i understand them) and i think that i am the luckiest mom to have such an amazing girl.

i never thought that i would love someone as much as i love her- she brightens each one of my days- and in the quiet moments where i get to talk to her- about the good stuff- "god makes it dark right? why would SHE want to not play outside?"
she was picking which dress she wanted to wear for ballet on monday- she picked one that has a marker stain on it- i told her that i would have to try and clean it- she said "oh, that won't come out honey... just don't worry about it"

when trying to get the dogs to come inside a couple of weeks ago- she is standing on the deck yelling for gracie to come up the steps- and after several times of yelling at gracie i hear "oh... i am just not doing this anymore... (stomp stomp) so you just stay out there!"

she is funny- you "ever ever give me a kiss"

she feels the need to change her outfit several times a day- (i hate that/love that) and when my mom gave her an outfit for her birthday- she put it on and looked at my mom and said "oh nanny- this shirt just doesn't match this skirt-- i think that i need to change"

it warms my heart!

jenn shawn and emmie gave her some roller blades/roller skates for her birthday- she put it all on- skated around the house for a minute and then fisher about attacked her trying to get the skates on himself.

so our birthday guest started with jenn and emmie coming over for breakfast- then mom, denise, jase, and taylor came from roanoke. it was great that they made the trip- ella and taylor played great together- though not napping- they were really inseparable for the most part of the evening-
ella and taylor

ella dressed herself for the party and i didn't mention anything about pink and red not really matching--- i did her hair as well as taylor's - they thought that it was pretty great!

we also had mike, andrea, laura, and elaina- ma and pa come in for the day- ella was really excited to see laura and elaina- and the girls all played outside for the party- chris worked so hard getting the backyard ready for the party- the weather was AMAZING and the entire party was held in the backyard- in november they were all running around having a ball- without coats! it was so nice! chris put up the canopy and dressed it in purple lights and cleaned the yard as well as mowed it- it was a great celebrat

we did egg races (with hard boiled eggs)

we did pinata's (homemade by me and jenn)

the food was great- ham/cheese, roast beef/cheese pinwheels, veggie and fruit kabobs, veggie pizza, pigs in a blanket, fresh salsa, french onion dip, spinach dip, lots of chips and of course cupcakes!
(thanks jenn for alllllllll of your help)

and tons of princess presents- it was a great day and i loved that she had so many people there to celebrate with her. thanks to all that came and all that showed their love for ella

*i don't want to leave out my sweet fisher- he ran the backyard with such gusto all night that you would have thought that it was his party- at one point though- i asked "where's fisher" and this is what we ALL saw- CLASSIC FISHER!i

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Melanie said...

What a GREAT party you threw for Ella. The activites were fun, the food was good, and the children were such fun to watch! Fisher was a hoot all night! I know he had at LEAST 3 ring pops! The shirt suits him well, by the way! LOVE IT!