Tuesday, November 4, 2008

actual halloween


our halloween was great! we had so much fun with ella and fisher- (bubba and gracie went trick-or-treating with us) fisher was large and in charge of the hunt for candy- he ate sooooo much that i didn't think that he would sleep through the night.

ella was a little cautious at first- her dress was difficult to walk in- but... she loved playing a jessica's house

jess and jason had us all down for the night and we sat, ate (great chili and hotdogs), gave out TONS of candy and had a blast with the kids- jess and jason went all out decorating their garage and providing plenty of fun for all the kids- it was fisher's first halloween (really) and to think back one year ago- him dressed as a hotdog and going to bed at 7:30pm-
chris wore his annual costume (this is the third year) and looked hotter than ever!

jenn and emmie got to hang out for a while and experience a crystal springs type of halloween with all the kids- emmie looked great as a ladybug- (i did her hair)

i don't do well dressing up- jenn brought me the flower headband- i matched it with a jacket-- i didn't win costume of the night!

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