Thursday, November 6, 2008

did you feel that???

did you feel your world just stop? all of the sudden? it just stopped?!!!! well if you felt it and wondered what happened... i have the answer- ELLA DOESN'T FEEL WELL!

i know that you guys were thinking that it might have been because of the upcoming switch of power... or june weather in november... or the time change... or something catastrophic... but don't worry-- ella isn't feeling well- she has a fever (102.2 at it's highest) she is lethargic (watching tv seems to curb the whiney-ness) and she needs to be carried everywhere- i don't think it's anything very serious- just a bug that will work itself out-

i just wanted to let everyone know that they can go back to their normal routines... motrin and i will be great friend for the next little bit-

also... to melanie, margaret, and jenn- last night was a blast- without it i don't think that i could manage miss ella today- we should make it a twice weekly event! (think husbands could handle that?)

have a great day!


Sue said...

Aw, poor Ella. I hope she feels better soon. 102 seems like a high fever! My girls have never had one that high, so I'd be paranoid and running to the doctor — but I'm paranoid like that. Hopefully it will work through soon and Fisher doesn't get it!

Melanie said...

oh, I had such a BLAST on Wed. I was my "motrin" for the week. You girls are just a breath of fresh air and it was such fun laughing about nothing and everything.

I hope Ella feels better. The world will continue to revolve, though Ella may not think so. :-) Are you still going to Roanoke?