Wednesday, November 5, 2008

bays mountain park

the crew (jenn, emmie, judy, ella, fisher, and i) went to bays mountain park on tuesday- after voting and doing the morning nap thing- we got some courage and took the kids out- bays mountain park is a beautiful park and it's soooo close to our house i feel silly for never going there before yesterday.

it's amazing- it's a planetarium- but also a nature reserve- they had wolves, bobcats, deer, owls, river otters, hawks, turtles, and some that i can't remember- all out on exhibit and the walking paths were gorgeous! fisher and ella both got to roam freely around the park- there were bridges and paths, observation decks, and an indoor area that ella (my chicken) even took part in!

chris wants to go back and i would love the daddy help- fisher was only rangled in 30-50 times as opposed to the normal 1000-2000 times.

emmie loved it- the fresh air was great and much needed- ella and fisher took great naps when we got home- (3:30pm- 6:30pm-- we woke them up for dinner) ella got up and was sooo sad that it went dark while she was sleeping!

on a side note- fisher is still fighting with these molars coming through- he had a fever and didn't sleep great last night- thanks to motrin -he got back to sleep and stayed asleep until 8 this morning- no teeth have bothered him quite like these molars- he was in a pleasent but very needy mood last night as well as this morning (it's kinda nice to have him calm and lovey every once and a while)

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