Tuesday, August 12, 2008

wisdom teeth

to add to my good mood of the past few days- i now get to have three wisdom teeth removed. two are impacted and very close to a nerve. one should be no problem to get out. i get to go under september 5 for the surgery. then chris will take ella and fisher to his parents house for the weekend and leave me to recover. then my mother will come that sunday night to help keep the kids for monday and tuesday. apparently the teeth close to the nerve have the potential to do some high risk damage to the nerve that they are soooo close to! whoo hoo!

but before all of this we have lots of family time and a couple of trips (roanoke/gatlinburg) and a race weekend! oh... how could i forget that it's almost FOOTBALL TIME IN TENNESSEE! (my fave! haha)

have a great day!

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Kelsey said...

um...he's leaving you to go to his parents?! at first i was a little upset, but now, you'll be able to sleep on paid meds for a weekend! i am so jealous!!

i still have a few left over from my wisdom teeth, maybe i'll come join you :)

...if that doesnt make me sound like a druggy