Sunday, August 10, 2008

what a bummer

well- it's our anniversary today! (that's not the bummer)--

so... i worked really hard to get everything in line for this weekend- chris and i were to camp at the lake- no children or dogs-

our friends the lane's are signed up to keep the kids overnight- i have come to terms with the kids going away for the night- praying that they will be good and manageable.... jenn our neighbor has volunteered to take care of bubba and gracie.

friday- i go to the store and get food for chris and i- snacks for the kids
do laundry, clean up the house, pack the kids up, load up the jet ski, pack for us (it was 53 friday night- so packing bathing suits down to sweats to sleep in), find tent, chairs, lanterns, pack coolers, borrow pack-n-play for fisher to sleep in, I PUT THE JET SKI ON THE BACK OF MY CAR BY MYSELF, load up all suitcases, load up chairs, tent, blankets, bags, coolers, EVERYTHING.

chris comes home and is SHOCKED that i have done all of this for US. we get changed, load up the kids, and head out to elizabethton to drop off the kids.

we get almost- i mean almost to arnold and shonna's house- i mean almost pull into the driveway and chris says "i've got some bad news... the battery isn't in the jet ski- and it's not charged"


never have i worked like this to plan something for chris and i alone. i cry. cry. cry. cry. and cry. we the kids stay the night- they were excited about that... chris and i come home- depressed and dissapointed. get dressed again and go to dinner and plan to go to a movie- dinner takes forever. it wasn't even that good. the movies were closed by the time that we got there... and so- i suggest "take me home- i am going to bed"

good night... happy anniversary to us!

the end.

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Melanie said...

oh, I'm sorry to hear that!!! I can realate to your reaction. I woulda done the same. :-(