Thursday, March 11, 2010

the redos... continued...

so, it started with a little bit of trim that i wanted put up in our bathroom-- just to see what we could do...

while at lowes- (picking up the trim) i needed a can of spray paint for a bench that sits on our front porch- that is where i found the Rustoleum product for the countertops-- while the lovely associate was tinting my countertop coating he invited ella back to watch him put the color in... she turns her head as soon as the paint tint went in-- he then decided to "mess up" a can so that she could watch again. so, i suggested that he tint in "under the sea" since that was the paint color that ella had decided to paint her room.

so, we left with trim, countertop coating, and paint for ella's room. 3 projects for the price of 1/2 of one! whoohoo!

so, we painted the countertops on sunday- and the only big drawback is that they have to sit for 3 days with nothing touching them. so, while those were in the process of drying- i decided to prime ella's walls and clean the carpets while they were at school. low and behold her carpet was N-A-S-T-Y! OH MY! i couldn't handle it! i won't even go into how gross it really was--

so.... my neighbor had just bought some flooring from lumber liquidators (really cheap) and i got online and looked up what we could do. ella and fisher's rooms are really small, so i found some, picked up the kids from preschool and took off to asheville, north carolina to pick up some flooring for the kids rooms. i have to brag and tell ya' i didn't spend half of what i thought i would have on CARPET! i bought some really beautiful dark cherry laminate flooring- it already had the padding attached! so, all we needed to do was rip up the carpet and get the prep work started!

we painted ella's room last night (with the kids assistance) and it looks soooo pretty so far! i cannot wait to see it when the floor goes down tomorrow!!! and i will post pics as soon as the room is complete!

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AprilNowell said...

Love the color! I can't wait to see the finished product!