Tuesday, March 16, 2010

just so you know...

i will...
- be losing 20 pounds before june 1 (2.5 months- totally do-able)
- be running in the mornings (as soon as the morning temp is 45 or higher)
- be making dinner everynight of the week except 1
- keeping up with my laundry- one load at a time (or, er... day)
- picking 1 room in the house daily to clean really really well
- seeing some babies (2 to be exact- that don't belong to me)
- be outside
- redecorating my house- one room at a time

i will not...
- be worried about my weight
- pleasing everyone
- yelling at my children
- picking myself apart
- be on my blackberry on the weekends
- be on my blackberry in my car
- hit the snooze button

thanks-- just so you know :)


Ann said...

love the "will not" list!!!

Amy R. said...

You go girl!! I totally think you can do it! I believe in you and your abilities. Good luck:)

Amy said...

I think you and I could be friends! My list looks the same. ;0)