Thursday, January 21, 2010

Noah's Ark Day

So, the trip to roanoke was really great- time with dad, mom, kels, denise, jarron, jase, taylor, and my great aunt lucielle. Fun fun times!

I did return home to listen to the message on the answering machine- noah's ark day- dress like your favorite animal! Uh- I've got two grumpy, sleepy, mad, sad kiddos. So, ella wore a cow skirt- and fisher, I was at a total loss!

But, a great neighbor came to the rescue! Egg crates and a green shirt! Presto turtle! The front is an old pillow case circa- 1963 and his hat has rolled up socks with black dots on them- he was sooooo stinkin proud! And thrilled! Love it! And I love my hot glue gun that made it all possible!

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