Saturday, January 16, 2010


we finally made it out of the house-- the only time in the month of january that we have left is to run to the car-- that's it. even with the dusting of snow that we got (a couple of dustings) we have remained indoors due to the 3-15 degree weather. but yesterday was AMAZING for us!

we went outside to PLAY! we brought out bikes, ride-on toys, basketballs, kickballs, baseball, bats, and t's-- i loved getting a small dose of vitamin d- while the kids just wanted to go back inside. ;( but, needless to say- i made them stay outside for well over an hour and they finally adjusted to it-- they have been awfully cramped up- cooped up- pent up- etc...

so, we made it out! i loved it- ella and fisher will take some getting used to it-- ella kept saying "i just wanna swim!" so... come on summer!!!!

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