Monday, January 11, 2010

i know it's alot in one day...

fisher has become a "little man" over that past few months... he's a bit crazy/insane/full of motion... he's ALL BOY! that's to say the least!

i have come to love him more than i ever expected. he is sweet and cute and mine all mine :) i love talking to him in the mornings-- he is a morning person! watching him grow and change and move and run and leap and skip and gallop and again... he is ALL BOY!

my little lady is growing up so fast. it makes me so sad to think that she is already four! FOUR! time flies... i know that everyone has said that and i never understood that until lately. she says the sweetest things-- with a flair of attitude-- i don't know where she would get that from??!!

okay, so missing in action doesn't even explain where i've been... i swear it has been so important to make it through the day, that blogging hasn't even been on the radar. the kids have kept me so busy that we've missed a lot on the blog. but i promise to be back in action-- i love blogging. i love telling little family stories. i haven't done very well with keeping a baby book-- AT ALL so this was supposed to be my little baby book of our lives-

so to catch up-- it is 2010 and my kids will be 3 and 5 this year. chris and i will have been dating/together/married for over 11 years! our dogs will be 8 years old! what????!!!! we will have been living in tennessee for 4 years in march-- oh my! it's crazy what this year will bring! so here's to it! can't wait to see what's going to happen!

thanks for all that might stop by and take in a tiny bit of "battel family"

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