Friday, January 15, 2010

a dream i had...

i have been having some pretty crazy dreams lately. i blame it on not being able to sleep all that well- anyway- i dreamed last night that i was in my Nana's house. Nana has been gone for well over 13 years now... but i was in her house like it was my own. walking around, remembering the colors of the walls, the carpet, touching things, the deck, the yard, the dip in the backyard that lined the pine trees... all of it. i remember the soap, where the washing machine was, i could even smell what the rooms used to smell like. (nana's room to me always smelled like secret spray deodorant) and i loved every second of it. i didn't want to wake up. i remember also dreaming that i would want to write about it on the blog. weird i know. but the house was empty and i was going to be moving into it with my family. i was really excited about it too because nana's house has four bedrooms-- mine only has three. the downstairs had an amazing bar area that could hide toys, books, and games. the backyard is big enough that the kids could play and we could fence it in for the dogs... it was so nice to remember all of these things. i know that my mom would love that i was thinking about nana and her house. we spent so much time growing up there... it was a wonderful walk down memory lane for me.

i miss my nana-- as well as all my grandparents that i have lost. but my nana was someone that i really wanted to be like-- and for a little girl to wish that she was a 70+ year old lady i think is a bit odd. but, she was classy, her purse always matched her shoes, her hair was always perfect, house clean, beds made, and i don't think that i ever saw her mad. what an amazing person to be around. she had the most beautiful roses in her garden, and she drove a Delta 88-- ugliest car that i can remember :)

thanks for the dream and having a night to remember her- and all of the things that made her wonderful-

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