Monday, January 11, 2010

alrighty now...

so i think that i have my "phone blogging" working! i hope that it's really going to work, because i really do miss blogging. the kids are changing so much, we have lots going on, and i miss having a few minutes to remember it all! so, here is to hoping that the blogging will start up again! happy 2010! cannot wait to see what is happening this year!

some new year's resolutions for me...

- drink one glass of wine a day-- at least one, no more than 2 :)
- lose some weight... gracie and i both
- learn how to do some redecorating/remodeling around the house

last year was so hectic, traumatic, exciting, and fun that i really hated to miss out on blogging about most, if not all of it! i love that we have really put down some roots around the area, we have real friends, our kids are in school, i've had the same audits for three years now... it is amazing how much times have changed!

i promise to keep blogging, and sending at least one picture a day to the blog-- that way we can go through all this together! yeah!!!! blogging is back!

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