Tuesday, August 4, 2009

long time gone...

we have been so busy and my computer has been acting up so much, that blogging has become a thing of the past. we have gone back to cable internet this week, and things seem to be moving faster than before... time will tell :)

so, june flew by! we went to the beach with my parents, jarron, and kelsey and jopo for the weekend-- i turned 28, fished like crazy, swam and played so much that we cannot wait to go again!

july was quick too... really too quick. 4th of july, fisher's birthday, visitors, and a quick trip from jarron and joey-- seriously we are spinning!

now, it's august! really august! i cannot believe that we are more than half way through this year! it was last year that i started this blog, jarron went to california for school, kelsey got married-- and now-- well i gues there is a phrase that sums it up! oh the places we will go!

we are lovin the cooler summer and have really stayed busy just within our little neighborhood-- we never have a "quiet night" which is something that we LOVE!

we are approaching the "preschool years" and ella is going to start soccer this fall... we cannot wait for that to happen!

here is a picture tour of the last month and some from the beach trip! thanks to all who keep up with my page... i swear i will do better! hoping that my computer doesn't die!

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lacey said...

great to see that you are BACK! haha...i mean it is not that you are THAT busy with 5 kids on some days...love and miss yall bunches!