Monday, August 24, 2009

the dentist and ella

so, today was ella's first dentist appointment. ( i know, she should have already gone... but i let my fears of the dentist overwhelm my parental duties) i have been talking about the dentist FOREVER with her in hopes to keep the fears at bay. well, today was the day! i was really considering not taking her this morning... but, i was responsible, mature, and did the right thing... we went. we went, got lost, were 45 minutes late, i have angry tears and everything! I WAS THAT MOM! i called and called and called the office but the phone was busy... the ordeal that it became was very unpleasant!

but, we made it FINALLY! in the waiting room she looked at me with the quiver lip and said i don't want to go back there...

i know that it is better in these situations to not baby her and push her on to do the "mature, big girl" thing, and that is just what i did. and she went back when they called her name, came out in 15 minutes or less.... grinning ear to ear with her "new teeth" and jumping saying "NO CAVITIES, NO CAVITIES!"

sidenote, i thought for sure that she would have 30! but, none! i couldn't be prouder, more excited, or blessed that this child has nothing but great teeth!

and to my lacey... i have even been flossing those chompers (on them both)

** when fisher goes... they will have to use restraints! we have to headlock that boy to get his teeth brushed every night and morning! **

all for now! have a great afternoon!

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lacey said...

OOOOOOOH Girl! you are THAT mother that we talk about being just kidding i am so proud of our ella! that is awesome and i am so proud of you!
love and miss you like crazy!
your lacey:)