Thursday, May 21, 2009

in need of a pity party

so... i am having a rough week... i don't know what's up... but here are the things that are going on...

- the kids don't listen to me or chris
- when we need to come inside the house at night they start screaming, kicking, throwing themselves on the ground, and acting like we are crazy people
- bubba is still limping-- he is fine, he doesn't have a ruptured ACL, he just likes to limp (i'm convinced of this)
- the house is staying a mess
- i have no motivation to clean, keep up with laundry, i hate unloading the dishwasher with a passion-- i can load it like a champ
- gracie and her ruptured ACL
- fisher keeps yelling at me "no momma!"
- ella won't stop back-talking
- chris is snoring at night... so i am moving to a couch at 3-4am every single night
- the trim still needs to be painted
- i feel like a crappy momma b/c i don't to art projects
- ella needs to start preschool this fall... i haven't the slightest notion to enroll her or even look at possible schools
- i have my praxis test coming up and i am scared out of my mind that i will fail it!

okay... i think that's it.

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