Thursday, April 9, 2009

a couple of updates

1- in less than one year i have made over 200 posts (that is a whole bunch of battel life moments huh?)

2- jarron is doing better every single minute. kels flew home yesterday and is back at work :( but, they are glad to resume pretty normal living...

jarron however is still needing to meet several doctors over the next several weeks to check his progress... keep the prayers going for him!

3- my daughter thinks that she is ready to marry. yes, you saw that correctly... marry. payton. he lives down the street and she says things like "i just love him to pieces!" and "i just want to be best friends with him forever!" and "he needs to marry me because boys need practice-- i have to teach him how to hug!" and "put your hands on my face and listen to me boy!"

chris and i have nothing to say about this.

4- easter is around the corner... i have prepared about ZERO much.

5- i have become addicted to eating baby carrots. seriously addicted. i'm about orange.

6- fisher most certainly has seasonal allergies, bubba is still limping, and fisher is about to hit the very unattractive "terrible two's" he keeps dancing around them, teasing me, throwing temper tantrums, asking "why" all the time, and living about 1/2 of his little life in "time out" or his crib or hearing this from me-- "get your hands off of your sister!"

7- i am ready for the weekend.

8- i am the worlds worst cleaner- or keeper upper of the clean-

9- the garden that we are wanting to grow lots of wonderful things has become bubba's favorite spot in the yard to lay-- (we haven't planted anything yet... we had snow on tuesday)

10- ella has ballet today-- how does one 45 minute class at 4:00pm mess with my whole day??? it's unreal!

11- have a wonderful weekend if i don't post again-- easter is upon us... hopefully we will get a couple good pictures!

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