Monday, February 2, 2009

we've been busy

sorry for not posting much over the weekend... we've been a bit busy-- and too busy to take pictures-

- went to insley's playgroup/birthday party
- went out for a girly night with jenn and her mom
- went to dinner for emmie's first birthday!
- made cupcakes and snacks for emmie's first birthday party!
- went to emmie's birthday party
- made snacks/dips/hotdogs for superbowl get-together
- had... jenn, shawn, emmie, ryan, andrea, brody, carrie, ethan, mallory, melanie, and patrick over for a super- super bowl party!

the kids were great, the food was good, and of course the game was great (what i watched of it)

ella proceeded to paint EVERYONE'S toenails during the fourth quarter (the moss crew had already headed home)

it was really fun and our weather here on sunday was soooooooooo nice! we played outside FOREVER-- it made me crave spring time! i cannot wait to get back outside on a daily basis! i am so ready for spring, warmth, and sunshine!

today- gray. overcast. and wet- messy rain disguised as white stuff-- not good real snow. (i'm picky about snow)

anyway- we are off to celebrate chris' birthday at his parents house tomorrow- ella is pumped to see her ma and pa!

and... we are all recovering from yet another round of colds- fisher runny nose and ella, runny nose with fever! our favorite time of year!

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