Monday, February 16, 2009


last week... i have tried and tried to get some pictures up... i took the kids swimming.

ella has a fear of water (i don't have much of a tolerance for this... but more on that later) she likes baths, little pools, small puddles, big puddles... but not large deep pools.

so i didn't think that ella would like it. i did it for fisher, i want to keep him loving water. so i thought that ella would just hang out by the pool until i could find a babysitter on wednesday's for her.

nope... just what i thought- as soon as i "plan" something, GOD looks down and says "hahahah... you really are trying to be a control freak... well i will show you!"

the kids loved it and i thought it was great! we will go from now till summer every wednesday!

i love water, chris loves water, bubba and gracie love water.... my children will LOVE WATER!

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