Saturday, February 28, 2009

should i really be doing this????

he is showing interest.

he knows when he is going in his diaper.

he likes the attention.

he is 19 months old.

he is a boy.

i thought that for sure... i had till he was at least 2 -- 2 1/2 before this started... should i even attempt to potty train???!!!!???


Rob and Amy said...

Absolutely!!!!! If he is showing interest, take that bull by the horns!!!! I'm not sure how you planned on trying to potty train him, but one of my most favorite bloggers just dedicated a post to potty training, and she had some wonderful tips.

You can find it here:

Sounds like he already has the "interest" part down!!!

Melanie said...

All I can say is wow.

Jennifer Beamer said...

go for it, let Fisher guide you. Garrett started at 18 months and was completely trained by 20 months.

Rob and Amy said...

Kara!!! Thanks for writing me back!!!! I seriously have talked with Rob many times about making a trip to Tennessee. Not sure when that will happen...maybe maybe this summer. BUT regardless, you will be on our list for stops- 100% no doubt!!!! Thank you so much the comment on my blog as well =) I'm gonna keep stalking yours and you can stalk mine and we can be BFF's for life now =) LOL!!!!!!

lacey said...

GIRL JUMP ON IT...NOW! I wish JB wanted to:)