Friday, January 9, 2009

is anyone watching???

so, it's new tv season... and so far thanks to my DVR i (we) have a whole new slew of television to watch--

now, i don't watch tv almost all day-- the kids don't watch much tv all day (not my thing) so, at night while i am on the elliptical machine, or on the computer, or just hanging out-- we watch tv

i have a few favorites--
- young and the restless
- the office (but, it hasn't started its new season)
- rock of love bus- (trashy, but every now and then its alright-- or at least a conversation starter)
- oprah- she has been doing some exciting stuff this week-- i've only watched one of the episodes so far
- real housewives of orange county-- (ha, i should show them a real housewife!)
- the bachelor (haven't watched it yet- it's recorded)
- chelsea lately- now this chick is funny!
- the biggest loser- very motivating

we still don't watch that much tv and with a dvr it makes watching tv go so much faster-- we have no idea what movies are out, what new products are-- we NEVER watch commercials! during the day- ella and fisher are limited to about 30min-1 hour of tv-- and that is alot for my taste-- i hate kids watching tv! (especially mine-- they zone out--well mostly ella- fisher doesn't care all that much)

there has been lots of football on the tv- but.... it's almost OVER! whooo yeahhhh!

its been fun starting the new year with some new tv-- and thank goodness for the dvr-- love that i have lots to workout to!

now-- about the losing part of the biggest loser-- i am down 1.5 lbs this week!
yeah! good job ladies! (everyone that has emailed this week lost!)

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