Tuesday, January 13, 2009

i HATE being SICK!!!!!!

now, we aren't drop down to the floor sick-
we aren't going through boxes of tissues
we are still making it through the days
so, i know that we aren't THAT sick.

but, we are that annoying sick-- the sick where you can't sleep very well-
the sick where you cough all the time (but just at night-- when you are trying to sleep)
the sick where my kids are just being their normal kiddie selves and we are just too tired to play back- oh, i hate being sick- under the weather- whatever you wanna call it!

i hate that i can't really workout either-- i have come to love that part of my day (early or late) where i do something that benefits me...

oh well-- hopefully we will be over this soon-- but chris' ears started hurting him tonight, and i haven't stopped coughing since 1 hour ago-- and it's soooo cold outside and it's going to get colder!

i hate being sick-- if for no other reason than this-- i want to be healthier! i cannot wait for the workouts to return, the real food, not drinking hot tea's ALL day long and popping halls!

hope you are feeling well-- have a great week!

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