Monday, January 26, 2009

a day to appreciate bubba

a little history on bubba-- he gets quite a bad rap to some people- they are turned off because...
- he has some pit-bull in him
- he weighs over 115 lbs
- he takes up room on a couch/chair/bed/blanket/etc
- he has been known to nip a couple of behinds (more so when he was a puppy)
- he loves his "pack" me, chris, ella, fisher and gracie

but, man, he loves my kids- LOVES MY KIDS!

he lets them climb, sit, jump, pull, tickle, kiss, hug, squeeze, feed, ride, and love all over him- he has since day one!

when i first got pregnant people would see him then my belly and we would hear "what are you going to do about those DOGS" and point at him-- so, here is my proof that bubba beyond a shadow of a doubt is a wonderful, loving, much appreciate dog-- he is really such a part of our family-- we couldn't picture/think/imagine a day without him.

*and here is all our snow*

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lacey said...

bubba is THE best dog in the world. he is precious. and we miss him:) NORM...