Tuesday, November 18, 2008

up and running again!

okay... i am not a TRUE runner... but i am on my way. i got up this morning after thinking of several reasons that i shouldn't-
1- it is cold
2- kelsey is a work early and not doing it
3- it was blowing snow
4- we had a windchill of like 13degrees
5- my bed was really warm

then... guilt got me thinking of reasons that i should-
1- kelsey went yesterday and i didn't
2- chris is working late and i won't do it later
3- if i want to run a 5K- at some point i need to run
4- no time like the present
5- my new jams from kelsey

so... i layered myself in lots of clothes, brushed my teeth, chugged some water and hit the road

i couldn't believe how COLD it was! the snowflakes actually stung my face!
but i did get out and run/walk/freeze but just for a 1 mile loop- it's all i could handle

then... fisher slept until 9:30 the morning due to a fever (caused by teeth) and waking up at 2:30 this morning (chris said "oh, i thought that i dreamed that")

then off to "open gym" and they again had a fabulous time!
ella started jumping off of a mat that was about 6 inches from a trampoline- then she started doing forward rolls from the mat! way to go chicken! i was so proud of her!

fisher was going down the slide like a champ- getting into cd's and jumping in the foam pit! very exciting morning!

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