Thursday, September 25, 2008

mrs. lacey

i have been thinking of you all day! i thought that i would send you a little message through the blog and tell you how much i love you! i miss you and wish that you lived right here with me! you told me that you check this blog daily (how i love your dedication) so, because your phone would never work tonight-- i thought that i would let you know that i am missing you and hope that i get to talk to you when our stars align!
hope that jb's tests go well tomorrow and let me know what all they say- and enjoy your leatherwood day- you lucky duck- you've got one heck of a husband!
i'll say a prayer for jb that all is well-


laceyleatherwood said...

i love you so much. i have the biggest tears rolling down my face as i type. i am a lucky girl to have you as a friend. you are a amazing person, friend, wife and mother. one day we will live very close to each other...i know it. i love and miss you every day:) LL

Alabama State Corn Hole Champ said...

Hey I know why you like Lacey so much, it's because of her great hubby. ya'll are great, take care.