Monday, September 22, 2008

dog jog

saturday was the tri-cities dog jog at winged deer park- chris and i took the dogs when ella wasn't even a year old-- we missed it last year and this year-- i was determined to make it. we took the whole family- bubba, gracie, fisher, ella, chris and i.

it is a one mile "fun run" or dog jog. there isn't a track- they bush-hog a portion of a field and mark the "track" with caution cones. (bubba was a pooper half way through the race)

the proceeds benefit the animal shelter (where bubba was adopted) and i love getting out with the dogs and they got to take a great swim after the jog. there are vendors set up- lots of freebies- and lots of dogs! we were some of the only ones with strollers this year- the hollingers (our canadian) neighbors came to the jog as well with their dogs ryder and dexter-- bubba and gracie's friends.

(chris wouldn't get that dumb look off his face)

we started the jog with a healthy chick-fil-a breakfast (shawn had never had it)

ella and i were throwing rocks to gracie-- she sticks her entire head under the water and digs them out and brings them back-- how cool!

dexter after the race-- he was actually laying in the water- he isn't much of a swimmer- but he was a great dog-jogger! (dexter belongs to shawn, jenn, and emmie)

shawn, emmie, and ryder were so committed to the jog- that they went a second lap! as you can see- emmie took a little snooze and ryder was well over the idea of running again- but he took a good dip after.

fisher and emmie have taken a real liken' to each other lately- and here... fisher looks as if he is putting the moves on emmie- watch out!

the hollingers- shawn, jenn, emmie, ryder, and dexter-

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Emmie looks so cute in her Mouse Mask