Monday, August 25, 2008

tennessee baths

chris went to the race. i planned on going to roanoke for the weekend... but with kids under the weather it just would have been more work than if i just stayed at home. so chris went to the race. he took with him shawn and beau. jenn and emmie stayed with me as well as kendra, farley, and sandler. bath time friday night... my house had me, ella, fisher, jenn, emmie, kendra, farley, sandler, bubba, gracie, aly grace, and neighbor seirra. as i am starting the water for fisher and emmie... kendra says "farley smells like urine" well- my solution... throw him in with fisher! it worked out pretty well! so bath time went something like this...

farley and fisher
get farley out and dried-

emmie and fisher

ella and aly grace

we had a really great time dispite all the chaos. here are some highlights from bath time friday night. we opted for a dip in the pool on saturday-

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